The Gamifiers

Who we are & what we’re about?

When people find out the name of our company, their first question is; do you create games? Not exactly.

Essentially, we are an end-to-end gamification powerhouse providing clients with all things gamification. Our bread and butter is earned through consulting, program design, platform sourcing, implementation, and post go-live program management.

Our driving force is our unwavering ambition and our team of highly skilled & specialized calibers that bring years of experience to the table.

Since we launched The Gamifiers, we proved to be THE go-to partner to leading corporates, brands and governments across the Middle East, delivering consultancy and rolling out high impact programs both consumer and employee facing in nature. To our Solution Partners, we have proven to be the best choice for leading global gamification and digital engagement solution providers to be their launching pad and trusted partner in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Expertise

Across the board, our team members bring decades of digital and solutions delivery experience, which we utilize in each and every assignment we embark on.

Together, our world-class certified engagement designers coupled with digital, technical & solution delivery expertise makes the team at The Gamifiers best suited to deliver projects of all sizes without the need to involve more vendors.

We always aim at developing the team further and bringing the best of calibers to deliver on our promise in delivering an end-to-end Gamification solution to our clients.


Our Partners

In the digital age, staying ahead of the curve is the name of the game. Which is why we are proud to exclusively represent a number of the world’s leading gamification and digital engagement solutions providers from across the US and Europe.

Partnering up with these global heavyweight solution providers, all of which are at the top of their respective offering category, we can guarantee that we match our clients’ requirements with best of breed solutions that deliver the eyed results.


What exactly is Gamification?

While using gaming techniques, Gamification is not a game. That’s just a misconception. So what, exactly, is gamification? In the simplest of terms, gamification is the process of using the same thinking and mechanics used in games and applying it to the real world, or what is otherwise thought of in techie terms as “non-gaming contexts”.

Through gamification, all the engaging and fun elements found in gaming (such as point scoring, competing with others, etc) are used to craft programs and solutions that benefit companies in various ways like engaging customers, shifting behavioral trends, motivating employees, increasing overall productivity, boosting retention levels and addressing daily business challenges. Applying elements, design techniques and mechanics in non gaming environment to achieve such goals is basically what gamification is in a nutshell.