The Business Challenge provides a central hub for customers to peruse thousands of products, read and write reviews, and engage with key social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Social sharing functionality is embedded throughout the site, and the Bazaarvoice conversations platform powers user generated content tools alongside each product.
But despite millions of visitors a month, the site was very catalogue driven. Most frequently, customers came to do research for purchase validation before going to the store, and then didn’t come back to the site for months or years. In other cases, they simply came to voice a complaint or support question. With limited time, and myriad options of where they spend that time, Samsung customers needed a compelling reason to come back. Moreover, they wanted to harness customer advocates and get them to promote Samsung products to their network.

The Business Solution

Samsung leveraged The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to identify key customer behaviors it wanted to measure, recognize and reward across Working with Badgeville, Samsung also integrated with the Bazaarvoice conversations platform, so they could reward customers for submitting reviews or commenting on product Q&A.
To maximize customer engagement across the site, Samsung worked with the Badgeville Behavior Lab to understand the key motivators of its customer base that visited the site, and build engagement mechanics in the platform that mapped to those needs. Badgeville’s Core Motivators tap into the human psyche, helping Samsung customers feel successful, socially valued, structured and rewarded as they engage with the Samsung brand.

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