The Business Challenge

With more than 2000 clients in more than 35 countries, Marketo is a global leader in marketing automation software. Its platform enables companies to streamline their marketing processes, deliver more campaigns and effectively nurture leads, driving increased sales performance. While Marketo had a successful Marketo Community where customers and partners could connect to leverage each other’s technical expertise and share best practices, it had a strong vision about how to make it even better. How could it drive higher customer adoption and also accelerate customers to maturity?

The Business Solution

Marketo chose to leverage The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to design and implement a gamification program that would allow them to identify, measure and reward valuable user behaviors across their community, recognize brand advocates, and increase customer adoption and maturity. Coupled with Marketo’s tremendous customer growth, Badgeville Game Mechanics have helped drive significant results in terms of customer engagement within the community experience. Contact us for a deep dive on this case study and more!