The Business Challenge

Deloitte Leadership Academy (DLA) is an innovative digital executive training program for more than 50,000 executives at more than 150 companies worldwide. Accessible online via web, mobile, and even in-flight on Qantas airplanes, DLA delivers lessons and insights from some of the world’s best-known business schools and global leaders, such as Harvard Business Publishing, Stanford and IMD. DLA enables executives to develop their management and leadership skills while also connecting them within a community of business leaders. Deloitte faced an obvious challenge — how do they get executives to take valuable time out of their busy schedules to actually sit down and fully engage with their content?

The Business Solution

Deloitte decided to employ The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to embed powerful Game Mechanics throughout their DLA website to drive desired user behavior and increase engagement. Utilizing the toolset within the Behavior Engine, Deloitte was able to measure, surface and reward engagement across their online education platform. As users interacted with content, completed missions and performed valuable behaviors, they earned Rewards that they could showcase in their profile and compare with other colleagues. They also earned Rank and Reputation that is visualized on Leaderboards powered by Badgeville and could compete to become experts on different topics. Want to see Deloitte’s results? Contact us for a deep dive on this case study and more!