The Business Challenge

sneakpeeq is a new kind of e-commerce site that’s redefining the way people shop and discover emerging brands and products. It delivers them on elegantly designed pages for each retailer, where users can browse items prior viewing the price tag (“peeqing”) — like a real-life shopping experience. sneakpeeq faced a challenge common to many retailers today – how do you attract loyal customers who stay engaged with the brand in the long term when the current trend of daily-deal sites and instant search makes it so easy for them to flee?

The Business Solution

sneakpeeq saw gamification as core to their e-retail strategy from the beginning, but resource limitations prevented them from building the technology to deploy their full vision. Executives selected Badgeville to power smart gamification across their online stores, enabling real-time rewards for user behaviors, leaderboards for each individual designer, and a natively gamified user experience focusing on sharing, peeqing at and loving products. They also integrated Badgeville with Facebook’s Open Graph to send key behaviors into users’ News Feeds.

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