The Business Challenge

Global hardware and cloud computing leader EMC has been at the leading edge of adopting social technologies for its customers, partners and employees. Nearly four years ago, the company launched its EMC Community Network built on Jive’s social enterprise software. With many technologies and offerings jockeying for users’ attention, like many other businesses trying to drive engagement in their online communities, EMC experienced challenges in encouraging users to post messages, fill out their profiles, answer questions, and perform other valuable behaviors that drove a healthy online community.

The Business Solution

EMC leveraged The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to build RAMP — the Recognition, Awards & Motivation Program — that sits on top of EMC’s Community Network (ECN), a Jive-based online community of 240,000 EMC customers, partners and employees. Since building and layering Badgeville’s Game Mechanics on top of its Jive-based ECN Community, EMC has seen:

  • 21% increase in overall user activity
  • 10% more documents created
  • 10% increase in visits
  • 15% increase in replies to discussion threads
  • 19% more files downloaded
  • 41% more videos watched.

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