The Business Challenge

Engine Yard, a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) company, provides developers with an easy, cost-effective solution for cloud application development and deployment. In addition to a passionate customer support team working 24/7 in IRC and on the phone, Engine Yard leveraged Zendesk to help customers submit support tickets and access the Engine Yard knowledge base. How could it get people to use it?

The Business Solution

Because The Behavior Platform is architected on modern web standards, Engine Yard used it to build game mechanics on top of their Zendesk instance. In just a few short weeks, they had a creative way to engage customers and help them find the information they needed to succeed. It encouraged and rewarded reading articles, searching knowledge base documentation, reporting bugs, and more and used reputation mechanics to track different levels of engagement tied to expertise. Want to learn how higher levels of community engagement helps Engine Yard better serve its customers and help them help themseves? Contact us for a deep dive on this case study and more!