Program Design

As per Gartner, a renowned research and statistics company mainly focusing on the IT industry, 80% of early gamification attempts are doomed to fail mainly due to poor design.

Without a doubt, a great looking platform can encompass a richness of features and an ease of rollout, and yet without the science bit that rightly complements it, the end result might not be what you expected out of your investment.

Therefore, decisions around articulating a Gamification Program is critical to the success of the gamification initiative. Picking and choosing which mechanics to use, how to use them, when to apply them, and, how to wrap these mechanics using the right visual elements, makes all the difference!

The Gamifiers houses a team of certified engagement designers who bring real value to this critical area of any gamification project. Applying the latest in game design techniques, behavior psychology and user experience design on both consumer and employee targeted initiatives have so far brought great results to clients across the region.

Our designers experience and expertise gives them the insight necessary to design a transformative experience that both excites and engages your users, customers and/or employees, driving them to do more of what would serve your business objectives or address existing challenges.

Our in-house knowledge is complemented by global expertise through our network of partners, who in turn bring years of experience and a successful track record in delivering results to global brands, top companies and enterprises. Hand in hand, we offer a unique offering to each of our clients in this critical phase of any gamification initiative.

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